Scarab Roadster

It was Europe, 1957. A young Lance Reventlow – heir to the Woolworth fortune – stands in a small iron factory in England with fellow racer and friend Bruce Kessler. As they admire a brand-new Lister Jaguar chassis, Reventlow looks to his buddy Bruce and says: “I could build a better car than that.” It was then that a legend was born.

Fueled by his childhood racing fantasies, and drawn by the camaraderie and dedication among race car drivers, Reventlow decided to create and develop a team of American sports racing cars that would change the face of the sport. A year after that trip to England, Reventlow introduced the world to the Scarab.

Fast-forward 50 years, and the same passion for power under the hood and grace behind the wheel that embodied the first Scarab, is still alive today. This recreation has been made possible through the development efforts of Scarab Motorsports.  Their goal was to produce a car with all the aesthetic uniqueness of Lance Reventlow’s original, with modern-day improvements for safety. The result is an exclusive, handcrafted, precision, vehicle with a history as storied as any race car in America.   As the exclusive Scarab distributor, Integrace Motors is proud to give you the rare opportunity to own a legend.